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Courses and Exams for Exchange students

  1. Courses
  2. University-wide Elective Courses
  3. Language Courses
  4. Retake Exams at your home university

1. Courses

As an exchange student, you are eligible to choose courses from the extensive course catalogue of the School of Social Sciences that lists both Bachelor and Master courses that are open for exchange students. By clicking on 'Details' next to the course title information about times, rooms, lecutrers, course content, credit points (ECTS) and the language in which the course are taught will become visible to you. Guideline for course choices


2. University-wide Elective Courses

Students who wish to take classes outside of their major subject area are advised to select from the available "University-wide Elective Courses"


3. Language Courses

Our aim is to help our exchange students to fit in well at our University and to become aquainted with the German language. The Studium Generale at the University of Mannheim offers a broad range of German language courses and each exchange student can take part in one course for free. Exchange students can also take part in our International Winter and Summer Academies before the semester starts to receive intensive language tuition and to take part in numerous cultural and local activities while extending their scientific knowledge in seminars and lectures.

The University of Mannheim offers a range of language courses for exchange students. Before the beginning of the semester there is a preparatory intensive language course, which is called the Winter-/or Summer Academy. In addition, many language courses are offered during the the semester. There is also the possibility to take courses in other languages with the Service and Marketing GmbH.

Should you have questions regarding course selection, please contact our International Incoming Student Advisors

4. Retake exams at you home university

      If you fail one of the exams in a *lecture* you are taking at our Department, you will get the opportunity to re-take it at your home institution under the following circumstances:

      - A colleague (academic or administrative staff) at your home institution agrees to arrange and supervise your exam
      - not more than 1 exam can be re-taken at home
      - you are not spending the following semester at Mannheim
      - your home school is outside of Europe
      - you actually failed your exam or provided a medical certificate (not in case of no-show)

      To register for a re-sit abroad, please send two emails until 12th January:

      1. To the "Studienbüro" (Student Services):
         - for Political Science, Sociology and Pschology: Mr Fabian Pfeiffer: pfeiffer@verwaltung.uni-mannheim.de

      Please enter the subject: "Exchange student - registration for re-sit abroad" and include:

         - the title of the lecture and the name of the instructor
         - your full name
         - your student ID number ("Matrikelnummer")

      2. Additionally to the secretary of the Chair that offers the lecture (please find a list of all chairs here, the secretary for all Assistant Professors can be found here)
         - Enter same information
         - In addition, if known, please state the name and contact details of your home coordinator