Quality Manager | International Affairs: Double-Degree Programs

Maria Petrova, M.A.

E-Mail QM:
E-Mail Int.:
AddressA5, 6; Bauteil A, Zimmer: 418
Phone0621 181-2023
0621 181-1997

Quality Manager

Coordinator of International Double-Degree Programs,
Internships Coordinator for International Incoming Students

  • Accreditation procedures of study programs at the School of Social Sciences

  • Quality assurance and development for teaching and learning

    • Shaping, following up and implementing a quality management system at the School of Social Science
    • Following developments in the area of quality management at the national level
    • Process management in the areas of teaching evaluation and workload survey
    • Administration of Examination and Selection Regulations, Module Catalogs
    • Member of the Steering Committee for Quality Management at the University of Mannheim
    • Support and consultation of employees with respect to the evaluation and survey sofware programs InstEvaL and EvaSys

  • Additional project:
    • Project Management of the Website Relaunch at the School of Social Sciences

  • Coordinator of international Double-Degree Programs
  • Internship Coordinator for international incoming students
Please find further information about Quality Management at the School of Social Sciences here.