School Board

The Board of the School of Social Sciences consists of the Dean, a Vice Dean and a further Dean for Student Affairs. Together they manage the school and exercise the functions prescribed in the State law on education (LHG, section 23):

  • Preparation of the structure and development plans of the School of Social Sciences
  • Preparation of budget estimates of the School of Social Sciences
  • Decisions on the job positions and resources allocated to the School of Social Sciences according to section 13 subsection 2 LHG
  • Formulation of proposals for functional description of professorships
  • Evaluation affairs according to section 5 LHG



Prof. Dr. Michael DiehlProf. Dr. Michael Diehl

Professor Dr. Michael Diehl is the full-time Dean of the School of Social Sciences since April 2012.

The Dean represents the School and is head of the School Board and the School Council. He prepares the meetings and executes its decisions. Furthermore, he takes the responsibity that the professors and their academic staff meet the teaching and testing obligations. According to section 24 subsection 2 LHG the Dean is allowed to supervise and give instructions to grant the implementation of the recommendations made by the Commitee of Student Affairs and adopted by the School Council. The Dean is also supervisor for the academic staff, teaching assistants and further employees.     

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Harald Schoen

Since January 2018, Professor Dr. Harald Schoen, chair of Political Science, Political Psychology, is the Vice Dean at the School of Social Sciences.

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Arndt Bröder

Since April 2018, Professor Dr. Arndt Bröder, chair of Experimental Psychology Lab, is the Vice Dean at the School of Social Sciences.




Dean of Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gautschi

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gautschi

Professor Dr. Thomas Gautschi, chair of Methods of Empirical Social Research, has been the Dean of Student Affairs at the School of Social Sciences since August 2011.

He is responsible for teaching- and study-related tasks.