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B.A. in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Mannheim offers a unique basis for understanding political processes and decisions. Students are taught by some of the discipline's most renowned researchers and benefit from the excellent student-teacher ratio. The program has repeatedly been praised in prestigious international and national rankings. In particular, these rankings testify to the high quality of our research facilities and to the excellent study environment.

Highlights of the Mannheim Bachelor of Arts in Political Science:

  • Solid foundation in Political Science
  • Courses offered by internationally renowned political scientists
  • Application of theory to practice 
  • Compulsory internship
  • Possibility of an integrated semester abroad
  • Support by a Program Manager and Internship Managers
  • Numerous scholarships and student jobs available
  • Diverse career opportunities
  • Excellent rankings

Course of Study

The Bachelor´s program offers courses in the following four areas: Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Sociology.

In addition to modules in Political Science, students attend classes in the Internship Module, the Social Skills Module and in their minor subject. By choosing a minor subject students benefit from other renowned subjects at the University of Mannheim. Well-known for its business school, the University of Mannheim offers minors in Business Administration and Economics. Students may also choose from Sociology, Psychology, and Public Law. The School of Humanities offers minors in Media and Communication Studies, History, German Studies, English/American Studies or Romance Studies.

Some courses are offered in English, but the majority of courses are taught in German. A list of courses offered in our BA program can be found here.

Application of Theory to Practice and Internationality

The Bachelor´s Program in Political Science at the University of Mannheim is practice-oriented and provides the opportunity of an integrated semester abroad. In simulations and service-learning seminars, students can apply their theoretical skills, by, for example, participating in a simulation on the EU enlargement or the crises in Afghanistan and Sudan. Furthermore, students are encouraged to spend a semester abroad at one of our renowned partner universities. Our Internship Office supports students in the process of finding a suitable ten-week internship placement, which is an obligatory part of the program. Finally, students have the opportunity to attend courses at the Centre for Social Skills ("Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen") on subjects such as presentation techniques, software training and job application training. This interdisciplinary approach will leave students well-equipped for the ever-changing demands of the labor market.

Students Services

A Student Advisor provides advisory services regarding study and course-related topics, such as choice of modules and  study process, as well as advising students on their semester abroad. 
The Internship Office supports students in finding a suitable internship, during the application process (including  proofreading of application documents in German and English) as well as on career entry. 

Scholarships and student jobs

With over 144 scholarship students, the University of Mannheim has one of the largest scholarship systems of all public universities in Germany. The recipients of all scholarships are chosen based on their study performance and all scholarships require an application. They are directed at enrolled students as well as university applicants

Furthermore, students can apply for one of the many student jobs (German only). Student assistants, for example, work for professorships, at the dean's office or in the library. In addition, there are numerous student positions at Mannheim's research institutes, such as MZES, ZEW, GESIS or in the Collaborative Research Center (SFB 884) "Political Economy of Reforms".


On successful completion of the Bachelor´s program, students can choose to apply for the Department's Master's program or related Master programs at other university. Former Bachelor students have successfully continued their studies at renowned academic institutions, such as  the London School of Economics, University College London, Science Po Paris, or the College of Europe in Bruges. The career prospects of our Bachelor students are diverse. Graduates have found positions at the German Bundestag, the European Commission in Brussels, NGOs, research institutes and the media. 


The B.A. program in Political Science ranked as one of the top three in the 2012/2013 Zeit/CHE-Ranking