The Department of Psychology

What is Psychology?
Psychology is an empirical science that conducts research on psychological structures and behavioural patterns to make predictions and suggestions for changing behaviour in a variety of applied settings.

What does our Department do?
The Department of Psychology at the School of Social Sciences has developed into one of the leading research and teaching institutions in Germany, focusing mainly on the research areas of Organizational Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. One of the outstanding goals of the department is to connect and expand these research areas by creating new and innovative academic facilities. This has already been achieved by establishing a new chair for Consumer Psychology and by opening up a collaborative research centre on decision making. Further research is also being conducted at the Otto-Selz-Institute (Mannheim Centre for Work and Health), which focuses on the impact of negative influences at the workplace.

What study programs do we offer?
The Department of Psychology offers both Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs in Psychology. The Bachelor's program (B.Sc. Psychology) conveys knowledge and skills in both general and applied areas of Psychology, including experimental methods and test theory. The department's two Master's study programs have been based on its main research areas, offering degree programs in Organizational and Consumer Psychology (M.Sc.  Organizational and Consumer Psychology) and Social and Cognitive Psychology (M.Sc. Social- and Cognitive Psychology). All of our programs are very competitive with a ratio of almost 30:1 regarding applications for the Bachelor's program.
The Department of Psychology is also involved in the Doctoral Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences, which is a part of the Graduate School of Social and Economic Sciences. It offers doctoral placements for students on completion of their Master's degree. The Graduate School is well known for its high quality of research and has been accepted into the renowned funding program "Excellence Initiative" of the German Government.

The Department of Psychology is member of the Association of Psychological Faculties (in Germany).